What Will Gaming and Video Entertainment Be Like in 2030?



McKinsey & Company | Jacomo Corbo, Jonathan Dunn, Tom Svrcek, and Kristi Tausk   | Jun 29, 2022

game on video entertainment in 2030 - What Will Gaming and Video Entertainment Be Like in 2030?McKinsey experts predict that video entertainment, in all its forms, will become more immersive, gamified, and personalized

A decade from now, what we watch—as well as how and where we watch it—could be dramatically different. Four McKinsey experts imagine the future.

Kristi Tausk: In a horror film, right now you get scared by somebody jumping out on screen. But what if in the future, when you’re watching that movie, you can actually feel that person standing behind you? You’re in it; you’re in the movie with the actors and experiencing it with them more than we really do today.

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Tom Svrcek: You could imagine going to a movie theater and having a game console, where there’s ten minutes up front of a piece of filmed entertainment but then it turns into a gaming experience. And it’s not just in that theater; it’s across 20 different connected theaters. And then you can continue that game with that community when you get home to your game console or episodically over the next several months.

Jacomo Corbo: Think of levels of difficulty within a game that are automatically personalized and calibrated to your patterns of play in ways that will drive engagement but ultimately will make the experience more compelling and persuasive to you.

What companies should be doing today to prepare

Jonathan Dunn: Most of the storytellers that we’re talking about in the 2030 period will come from diverse geographic backgrounds, diverse economic backgrounds, diverse demographic backgrounds.

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The decision makers themselves must be diverse. You have to change the decision makers in your organization. Second, you have to believe that technology and analytics can help you identify the storytellers who the current system doesn’t identify. Third, you need to be comfortable—and even lead—with an accelerated pace of change. Those three things are what we tell leaders in the industry they have to do if they want to be part of what’s going to happen next.

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