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Is Crowdfunding Still Popular?

Globalisation in the world transformed the whole world into one single market. In such a scenario, business people find different ways to raise funds for their business or some noble cause apart from traditional loans; crowdfunding is another famous way of raising funds. Do you know what crowdfunding is and whether it is still popular among people or not? Let’s have a look at it. 

What is Crowdfunding? 

As the name suggests crowdfunding, is raising funds through crowds. These days it is operated online, and therefore, the person or the client seeking crowdfunding will present his ideas on the website. The investor will gauge the requirements and, if suitable, will invest in it. So, in short, crowdfunding is raising funds from ordinary people without any prerequisite of minimum amount. 

As we learned about crowdfunding, the fundraising ideas are propagating worldwide. But, still, there is doubt whether it is still popular among the people or not. So, let’s discuss this idea. 

Is Fundraising Idea or Crowdfunding still popular among the people? 

According to some research, crowdfunding is the best source to raise funds. If the funds are raised for any noble cause or business matter, the crowdfunding shows the investor’s level of trust in the client. So, it is still imbibed among the people. As per the reports, there will be a 33.7% increase in crowdfunding worldwide in 2021. 

It becomes easy for the investors to connect with the clients online and invest in some reliable authority. Therefore, it is increasing these days. You might have seen various portals such as medical help portals and other websites that collect funds to help needy people. This fundraising also comes under crowdfunding

So, we can find that crowdfunding is still popular among people in India and other countries. Although many websites offer crowdfunding facilities, choosing among them becomes tough. So, it is essential to know which is the best site to raise funds for some noble cause in society. 

Which is the Best site for Crowdfunding? 

If you have a fundraising idea but are confused about which website to use for your investment, you can look at Ketto. Various other such platforms raise funds for children, animals, and different other sections of society. But, Ketto offers the best crowdfunding website because you can raise funds for genuine and reliable children and even help animals. You can raise funds with easy withdrawal options to make your cause more productive. The Ketto platform is free, and therefore, you need not pay for it, and there is 24/7 assistance in any funding-related issues. So, this is the best way to raise funds and contribute to society from your side. 

Why is Ketto the Best Website? 

There is 24/7 customer support for you and your investors. It helps people to become a part of society’s noble cause. 

  • It starts the crowdfunding campaign
  • It accepts donations from various countries in various currencies. 
  • It accepts donations from all types of online payment modes. 
  • The fundraiser can even withdraw the funds at any given time for the desired cause. 

Therefore, this makes this website the best crowdfunding website. So, we hope that you are clear with the idea of crowdfunding and where one can find the best crowdfunding website.

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