Why Should You Be Debt Free in 2022?



For most people, being free from debts indicates a good life.

After all, being drowned in the debt trap can tie up your money, preventing you from doing everything you want or need to do with it.

But the effects of debts go beyond your finances alone. After some time, the constant and lingering pressure of debt can even affect and damage your work, relationships, and health.

Here are the top reasons why you should be debt-free this 2022 to let you enjoy your life to the fullest in the best possible way:

It Improves Your Financial Security

By living a debt-free lifestyle, you will be able to boost your financial security. This also means that there is no longer a need for you to constantly worry about that cloud of debt hanging above your head once the unexpected takes place. Things such as an unforeseen medical emergency or a sudden loss of employment can be quite challenging and daunting even during the best of situations.

It Increases Your Savings

Yes, you’ve read that right. It will be easier for you to have more savings if your life is free from debt. While it may not that simple to be debt-free right away, small steps such as reducing your interest rates on your car loan or credit cards can already help you save little by little.

These savings can then be used to pay down your remaining debts faster or these can also go directly to your savings accounts. When you have more savings, you can also build your emergency fund, schedule a fun vacation, or even save for your retirement in the future.

It Offers Better Security

When you are free from debt, the tendency is that everything related to it will also be good, including your credit score as well as other financial health indicators like DTI or debt to income ratio.

This can result in a higher credit score that can come in handy in many ways. Your credit score can make it possible for landlords to approve your rental applications. You can also become qualified for better mortgage rates if you have plans to buy a new house. You can also avoid the need to pay deposits on phones and utilities.

It’s More Fun When You’re Debt-Free

Funding your goals and dreams can become so much easier if you have no debts to worry about. With the use of the money that you would have paid toward your debt otherwise, you can establish a fun fund that lets you enjoy your life and do more things such as eat out, travel, or take up new hobbies with peace of mind that you don’t have debts anymore.

It Provides Anxiety Relief

How would life be if you don’t have debts to pay? This would be such a welcome relief. Owing money always comes with anxiety. It can be quite unsettling when you know that you need to pay a large debt soon, especially when you have a tight budget. By being debt-free, debt payments will no longer be one of your worries.

Free yourself from debt this 2022 and live your life better this year!