Year-One Goals, Early Wins, and the Power of Social Media with Elsa Pineda



Daniel Rosen  0:00  

Hey, credit heroes, you know, we always talk about the dream of firing your boss and quitting your nine to five, and starting a successful credit repair business. And then I bring on people who are making millions and millions of dollars. But that seems out of reach to a lot of people to be able to relate. And a whole lot happens before you get there to the million dollar mark. So today, I thought it’d be really cool if we talk with someone real, who is in the earlier stages of the journey, who quit her job and recently started her credit repair business and is having amazing success. She is someone we can all relate to. And she’s here today to talk about her journey. So you better stick around. So the big question is this, how can we take our passion for helping people with their credit, and turn it into a successful business without taking loans without spending a fortune by bootstrapping it from nothing? So we can help the most people and still become highly profitable? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Daniel Rosen, and welcome to Credit Repair Business Secrets. Okay, before I dive in, if you are new to my podcast, be sure to click to subscribe and turn on notifications. So you don’t miss any of the secrets that I share each week here on the credit repair business secrets podcast. And I should tell you, this podcast is brought to you by Credit Hero Score, the only credit monitoring that is directly integrated to credit repair cloud. And if you want me to hold you by the hand, as you launch your very own credit repair business, go to Okay, let’s get into this. Way back in December, I saw a post in our Credit Repair Cloud Facebook community. It was a post from Elsa Pineda. And it said this, eight months in the business, and I met my goal. I will never forget this day I met my goal of 100 clients. And I thought that was so cool. And I started obsessing about Elsa, I looked her up. And I saw she had done our credit hero challenge. And then she took a big leap of faith to actually commit to doing credit repair as a business. And now she’s having amazing success. And I thought we have to have her on the show. So please welcome to the podcast, Elsa Pineda. Hey, Elsa, welcome.


Elsa Pineda  2:37  

Hi. Thank you for having me.


Daniel Rosen  2:39  

I’m so glad you’re here. This is so exciting to talk to you. And where are you?


Elsa Pineda  2:45  

I’m in Houston, Texas.


Daniel Rosen  2:47  

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, I’m so excited. You’re here. Congratulations on really, really doing this. And really making this leap and doing so well. How does it feel?


Elsa Pineda  2:59  

Honestly, it feels amazing. It’s like a honestly like a dream come true. I never expected it to to grow so quickly. Only eight months in with 100 clients. today. I’m almost at a year in with 157 clients.


Daniel Rosen  3:15  

Wow, that is incredible. So yeah, that’s right. That was in December. And and you are right about at the one year mark. That’s amazing. So I want to know your story, everything. What’s your background? What’s your life like? And especially what got you into credit repair.


Elsa Pineda 3:33  

So I come from property management experience, I did that for 12 years, I decided to take a break to take care of family and I stayed home with my three kids. And I went a little bit crazy. I said, You know what, I have to find something to do. Credit hero came up and I was you know, I was working on my own personal credit. And you know, I started offering it to my family members and friends and you know, free, hey, do you want me to fix your credit, I’m learning. And it was, you know, results after results. And it was getting better each time. So then people started offering me, you know, money, they said, I’ll pay you for this. And then, you know, I said let me just start the business already and go for it. And I took the leap of faith and here I am today.


Daniel Rosen  4:23  

Why that’s so cool. That is so cool. That me that’s really the best way to start with with yourself. I mean, everybody starts with themselves and they often forget to tell that story. And then the people around you. How did the people first learn who were offering your money? Was that still family and friends? Or was that were you posting on Facebook or something? What how’d that happen?


Elsa Pineda 4:46  

So it was first I started working on families credit myself and I was posting the results of course and then they started referring me friends and then they started tagging me when people were asking about credit repair. cuz I will see, you know, my posts about how I was getting the results and other deletions, then, you know, friends of friends started, you know, reaching out to me and say, Hey, I need help with my credit. And that’s how it all started.


Daniel Rosen  5:13  

That’s so cool. Yeah, I looked at your Instagram and your Facebook and I saw it was results after results after results, that the pictures from the the reimport that show how many deletions and all that. And it’s very clear when you go to your Facebook and your Instagram, that this is what you do, and you’re good at it. And so many people hide what they do from their, their social media, I just think it’s brilliant. You went all in on that. Was it expensive to launch your business?


Elsa Pineda 5:44  

Honestly, it wasn’t, I took it day by day, I was new to you know, starting my own business I had been like I said in property management. So I was used to that lifestyle, having my you know, living paycheck to paycheck. And I said, Well, when I found out about credit hero, you know, the price amazing and you okay, I can afford this. And I took it day by day and you know, started investing more and more each day because you know, you still do have to invest in marketing and stuff. But my main thing was social media. That’s what truly has me where I am today. I tell a lot of people that asked me how how are you getting the leads the clients, it’s honestly been Instagram, Facebook, tick tock, where I’m just posting what I’m doing. And it’s you know, I love it because it I get excited. I can only imagine people who have who need it, how exciting they get when they see that I’m deleting accounts and stuff.


Daniel Rosen  6:41  

And besides posting results, what else are you posting?


Elsa Pineda 6:45  

So I’m posting when my clients are purchasing their home, when they’re able to get into their home when they purchase that dream vehicle. So that’s a big thing, because everybody that needs credit repair. They have most of the time, it’s two things that they’re looking for. It’s their home, or you know, their dream car.


Daniel Rosen  7:04  

And have you helped a lot of people get into a home.


Elsa Pineda 7:07  

Yes, I have. I worked with I work with several real estate agents here in Houston, Texas.


Daniel Rosen  7:12  

Wow, how does that feel? Because that’s really a milestone in life. How does that feel? When you’ve helped someone to get there?


Elsa Pineda 7:20  

Honestly, it’s a really great feeling. I feel like I’m doing the right thing. I love helping people. That’s my background is I love, you know, the customer service, being able to help people and then seeing these people, you know, accomplish these goals, big goals, you know, buying a home is something big. It’s just so satisfying. I can’t even explain how amazing and makes me feel as a person, you really


Daniel Rosen  7:47  

are changing lives. That’s right, Your real credit hero.


Elsa Pineda 7:51  

That’s right.


Daniel Rosen  7:52  

What was the hardest part of launching the business?


Elsa Pineda 7:55  

The hardest part was the first I’m gonna say the first couple of months, when you don’t have much to show, you’ve never done this. So you’re out there posting and you know, people aren’t just gonna believe in You from one day to another, you know, I come from property management, or she was, you know, renting apartments, and now you’re fixing credit, so people have to trust you. So I think that was the most challenging part is get being able to get results, posting them. And then staying consistent and continuing to do that every day. And you know, building that trust that relationship with with social media. And staying motivated. That was the main the main part, like I had to stay motivated, like, one week, I could have five clients and other week I could have nothing but I didn’t give up and now it’s like I’m getting clients left and right.


Daniel Rosen  8:50  

That’s so awesome. And then how on which social media networks are you posting things on? And how many times a day do you try to post


Elsa Pineda 8:59  

so I post on Instagram, my story about anywhere from seven to 1010 times a day. And then that gets transferred over to my Facebook story. And then I try to post on my Facebook business page, at least two to three times a week, like actual posting, and then I share it on my personal because that’s how I am able to get people to follow me on those pages by sharing it you know, and, and I recently started doing tick tock about four months ago and one of my videos went viral. And that’s you know, when I decided okay, I’m gonna go on tick tock now


Daniel Rosen  9:40  

that’s so cool. I started doing tick tock recently as well. It’s fun.


Elsa Pineda  9:45  

It’s different but it’s it’s it’s fun. It’s different. Yeah, that’s


Daniel Rosen  9:49  

so cool. Are most of the clients coming from social media?


Elsa Pineda 9:54  

At this point? Most of my clients are word of mouth referral.


Daniel Rosen  9:58  

Got it. I saw you are doing Something really two things really interesting. One, I thought it was really cool that a lot of your posts are in Spanish. So are you getting a lot of Spanish speaking clients?


Elsa Pineda 10:12  

A lot? A lot.


Daniel Rosen  10:14  

Awesome. Do you use the Spanish feature in the portal?


Elsa Pinedar  10:17  

Yes, I do. I have a lot of clients that don’t speak English. And you know, I help them as well. So that that puts me out there a little bit more. I also have the magnets on my on my vehicle, promoting it. So everywhere I’m driving, and I’m driving all the time they see it.


Daniel Rosen  10:33  

Wow. I know. I also saw you were speaking to was it a roomful of realtors?


Elsa Pineda 10:39  

Yes. So it was lenders, realtors, insurance agents, tax preparers, I try to stay in connection with with these individuals. Because we we help each other we we can’t we you know, I have someone for the tax preparer someone for the insurance they have. They have credit repair, you know, clients, they’ll send them over to me. So yeah, I try to stay, you know, as connected as possible.


Daniel Rosen  11:05  

That’s awesome. So you’re building relationships with them as affiliates. Correct? Networking? Very, very smart. And then you go and how many times have you gone and spoken in public?


Elsa Pineda 11:18  

I’ve done about 10 presentations.


Daniel Rosen  11:22  

Wow. Yeah. What do you do in that presentation?


Elsa Pineda 11:25  

Really, there is just introducing myself the basics on credit. And you know, what people look at, you know, if you are trying to buy a house, a car, and then that’s where, you know, the the people that are there, they start asking me all the questions and it just goes on and on on its own. It’s, it’s it’s great.


Daniel Rosen  11:45  

That’s so cool. Was that scary? The first time?


Elsa Pineda 11:49  

It was very.


Daniel Rosen  11:51  

But I bet I bet they have great questions. And because credit is something that’s a mystery to most people. So this is great that you can showcase yourself as the expert that they can send their clients to. And they must be thrilled when you bump up their scores and send those clients back. Right? Yes, they are. Very, very cool. Now, you did property management for a long time. Are you still doing property management?


Elsa Pinedar  12:17  

No, I’m not actually. I stopped doing Property Management two years ago, about two years ago now.


Daniel Rosen  12:25  

Got it? Is is that what first made you aware of how many people have credit issues? Because I know they you have to submit? You have to they check your credit to rent a place, right?


Elsa Pineda 12:36  

Yeah, so a lot of we have a lot, we turned down a lot of people because of credit or require a much higher deposit or a risk fee, something we do here in Houston. And people don’t want to do that. They don’t they don’t have the money or you know, they they struggle with that. So that was always something that I was curious about and you know, be trying to help these people get into their home because it’s something we need.


Daniel Rosen  13:02  

Yeah. Are any property managers sending you clients now?


Elsa Pineda 13:07  

They are I actually have done several events at several properties in Houston, Texas.


Daniel Rosen  13:13  

Wow, that’s amazing. Good for you.


Elsa Pineda 13:16  

I’ll go out on a Saturday morning, hosted a breakfast and introduce myself talk about the importance of credit. And you know, a lot of people in apartments, the next step is getting a home. So wow, that’s


Daniel Rosen  13:27  

awesome. Now, I did see that you have other interesting businesses that you’re doing also at the same time, can you tell us about those I saw that one is a divorce coach. So I want to know, what is a divorce coach.


Elsa Pineda 13:41  

So I help people with simple divorces here in Houston, I pretty much guide them through the divorce, here in Texas, you can represent yourself, and that’s what my clients are doing. I’m a notary in Houston, in Texas, and I’m able to help with that there’s documents that need to be notarized. I, you know, explain each document to them. And you know, make them understand what it means what it’s asking because a lot of people freak out. And the first thing they do, or the first thing that the Court tells them to do is hire an attorney. And a lot of people don’t know that you don’t have to hire an attorney. You can represent yourself in court, as long as you have everything you need. Wow, that’s fascinating.


Daniel Rosen  14:23  

And then that pulls in the notary part. Yes, that’s correct. Correct. Wow. And then people going through a divorce often need help with their credit. Yes. Am I right? So one business feeds the other. Yes.


Elsa Pineda 14:39  

You know what, Daniel, a lot of my divorce clients when they come in to my office, they end up signing up for the credit repair the same day.


Daniel Rosen  14:47  

Wow, that’s great. I love it that it’s side hustles that all feed each other that’s perfect. How do you find divorce clients is that word of mouth also.


Elsa Pineda  14:56  

It’s also been word of mouth. Social media posting. I You ads on Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram. I also did a post on tick tock. So it’s it’s kind of like all the same.


Daniel Rosen  15:09  

Wow, interesting. So now with all these clients you have, and all the social media you’re doing. How do you find time for handling all the clients? Have you started to hire help?


Elsa Pineda  15:22  

I do I have helped I have hired someone full time.


Daniel Rosen  15:25  

Oh, wow. So you’ve got it. So it’s now a team of two?


Elsa Pineda 15:29  

Correct? Yes. And soon to be a team of three. Awesome, awesome.


Daniel Rosen  15:32  

So what have you been able to delegate to them?


Elsa Pineda 15:36  

Mainly the marketing, the social media, the printing the mailouts, all that extra stuff that I don’t have time for because I’m the face of my company, I need to be out there promoting speaking to, you know, clients, or Realtors tax preparers. So I, I want to build a strong team. My goal is to have a bigger team, obviously, within time, so that I’m able to delegate and you know, keep growing as a company and keep changing lives.


Daniel Rosen  16:06  

Very, very cool. I love it. Yeah, the social media, with as much as you’re doing that does take a lot of help. stuff has to be chopped up and put on the different platforms. And that’s a lot of work.


Elsa Pineda 16:18  

It is it takes a lot of time. Yeah. Well, you


Daniel Rosen  16:21  

sure are doing well at it. What are some of the biggest mistakes you made when you were first starting?


Elsa Pineda 16:27  

Ah, let me think when I was first starting. The big thing for me was understanding that credit report what to what to target, what to look for what, you know, what these lenders are looking for when you know, these clients are in the process of purchasing their home. So just understanding the credit the client’s needs. Most of our clients don’t tell us what what they truly need is like, Oh, here’s my credit, I don’t know what’s wrong, what’s what’s good on it? What’s helping me what’s not. So that was the most challenging?


Daniel Rosen  17:00  

Got it? Got it? And what would you do differently if you started a credit repair business from scratch today,


Elsa Pineda  17:07  

I would take more courses since the beginning, I was a little afraid of you know, investing and, you know, trusting and I didn’t know that, you know, the training just never ends. You continue. I continue to train today. And you know, makes me better at what I’m doing. So if I could do anything different, I would start investing more in training for sure. Good, good.


Daniel Rosen  17:33  

Good. Now I because you did the credit hero challenge. I want to ask about that. And it is affordable. It’s $47. For anybody who who is listening. And what did you get from the credit hero challenge?


Elsa Pineda 17:49  

Honestly, it I loved it, the fact that it was very affordable. Just the Facebook group that we have with you guys. It’s amazing, the support is great there, you just you just have to know where to go. There’s a lot of tools that you guys provide for us. Anytime I still have a question, I’ll go on there and look at your search at the top of the group, the search menu, and I’ll search what I’m looking for. And it’s truly helped me a lot.


Daniel Rosen  18:17  

Yeah, everything’s in there. It’s amazing that, um, we’ve got 27,000 people in there. And a lot of them are making a lot of money and have huge businesses. And it’s so fascinating that you can just type any question, and someone making millions of dollars may answer your question. And and it’s instant. It’s it’s pretty cool. I’m really happy with that. And did the challenge help you a lot with with the certification with the disputing and all that.


Elsa Pineda 18:45  

Oh, yeah, for sure. Just understanding that credit report in general, it’s step by step, the fact that we could go back into the videos, I was afraid in the beginning when I first started, because, you know, I’m a mother of three children. So I didn’t make it on time to when we were scheduled and the videos are recorded. They stay on there. So I went back and you know, I, I did what I had to do, I researched like, you know, I took the trainings completed and here I am today.


Daniel Rosen  19:13  

Yeah, now you can share them with your team. Yeah. And then they can replicate what you do. What’s your advice to someone just starting out with a credit repair business.


Elsa Pineda 19:22  

Don’t give up. Invest in your business. Take all the training that you that you think you need, because it always helps. And just don’t give up on yourself. Be confident keep keep pushing, keep posting the results and you’ll start building an audience. People will start recognising you. That’s really really good advice. I get referrals from people I don’t even know there’s Facebook groups in our community in my area. And people tag me on there and I don’t even know these people will My name is out there already.


Daniel Rosen  19:56  

Yeah, you post this much. You become like a celebrity very, very Cool. Okay, now we’re gonna switch gears. We’re gonna do a rapid fire round of questions where you answer the very first thing that pops into your head. Okay, are you ready? Yes. What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned as a business owner?


Elsa Pineda 20:17  

The most important lesson that I’ve learned is invest in yourself.


Daniel Rosen  20:22  

What is your biggest superpower in business?


Elsa Pineda 20:26  

Social media? That’s the first thing that pops up just social media.


Daniel Rosen  20:32  

You’re good at it. What is business ownership mean to you?


Elsa Pineda  20:36  

dedication, commitment, a lot of it.


Daniel Rosen  20:40  

Hmm. What drives and motivates you?


Elsa Pineda 20:44  

My family number one, and helping the community helping people changing lives. I love the feeling


Daniel Rosen  20:50  

cool. I love that. What’s your definition of success, a


Elsa Pineda 20:55  

definition of success is being able to help these people accomplish their dreams, seeing their faces, getting them into their home, their new vehicles. That’s that’s what makes me successful.


Daniel Rosen  21:09  

Because that’s how you feel. I think that’s why you are successful. I think that’s the magic here. Well, Elsa, I really appreciate you being here with us today. Thank you so much for your time. Yeah, this was fun. And congratulations again, on all of your success. I know we’re gonna be seeing you in the millionaire’s club. And thank you again for being here. Thank you. And for everyone out there. If you are enjoying this podcast, be sure to click below to subscribe. so you don’t miss any of the secrets that we share each week here on the credit repair business secrets podcast. And if you’re feeling kind, do me a favour and rate and review me give me a thumbs up. Just help us so we can move up the charts, leave a comment or ask a question, because I read each and every one of them. And I will see you on the next episode. And until then, be a credit hero and keep changing lives. 


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